Saturday, 10 March 2012

Floes are melting on the Vistula River

My sister said that I have started posting photos 
of Poland that I have never posted before. 
Grey and plain in place of colorful and exotic.

The truth is that I had never paid a lot of attention to Polish villages and towns. (or Polish villages and towns never caught much of my attention) I visited large cities with renovated old towns, similar to those in the rest of Europe. But travelling with Andrew in his car at dawn makes me look threw the window and I am becoming slowly engaged with the views. Simple houses, fields waiting for the spring, lumps of melting snow .This all reminds me of the 
19th century Polish paintings and landscapes described in the novels. The truth is that a great part of my country looks like that. Now I have the possibility to share these photos with you, although they might be not as beautiful and charming as the ones made in Italy.

1 comment:

Kinga B. said...

mam takie same kaloszki! :)

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