Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cafe Camelot

W Cafe Camelot

obrazki Nikifora z Krynicy


" There's something about this corner of the Old Town which has instant appeal, 
possibly because it is on one of the few crooked streets in an old town which 
is relentlessly geometric. Whatever the reason, Cafe Camelot (with its drinking, 
cabareting, jazz-celebrating alter ego Loch Camelot in the cellar) 
has drawn plenty of admirers. Its all coffee, sandwiches, cakes 
and plenty of current foreign language newspapers in a cosy old-fashioned cafe. 
Sit at the window-table and feel terribly fin-de-siecle. " Cafe Camelot

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shapeofmyheart1 said...

A w jakim to mieście?

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