Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Summer Outfit 1

My Idea for Summer at the seaside in Portugal:

1. and 2. H&M Sun Hats with bohemian style.
3. Mango high-waist short flared skirt with slit side pockets.
4. Bata platform  shoes.
5. RayBan Aviator - classic!
6. Sailor style belt.

This is the plan -
go to Cascais by Ryanair with only hand luggage 
(remember that it is 10 kg) - My camera is 3kg(!) ...

So, what am I doing? 

For two days after work I'm buing tons of clothes on sale at Mango. 
I also accidentally fell in love with this Bata's shoes 
(they are also available in red and beige) 
For me, dark blue suits seaside the most.

... I'll probably have to buy additional luggage.

1 comment:

Konstantin said...

You've got a good plan you know :)

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