Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A perfect morning in Corte D'Aibo

I woke up in a romantic bed 
as I always dreamed about after 
seeing Anne of the Green Gables 

I lived in a hotel room 
in a renovated old barn standing
 among the vineyards

The previous morning I watched the first 
flowers on the trees in my garden.
Here the trees are covered with large leaves.

In Corte D'Aibo, all roads lead to paradise. Morning is the way to a charming cantina, and after dusk to a bustling restaurante.

Should I choose fresh fruit from local orchards?

...or a delicious cake made from them?

This was the breakfast of my life. 
Combination of eggs and fresh asparagus 
seems to me the most elaborate breakfast.

On the other hand, my sister chose
 something sweet and healthy.
Delicious strawberries with yogurt. 
And a large quantity of coffee 
with extra milk + cookie

Everything we ate at Corde D'Aibo 
came from their own ecological farming. 
There was a wide selection of wines, jams,
 juices, wine vinegars, and cosmetics.

My guess is that they are former owners of Corte D'Aibo from old times.This picture stands on the greatest
stone fireplace  I' ve ever seen.
I really want to get back to Corte D'Aibo in the winter time and watch the fire burning inside.

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Lubie to:)

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