Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tuscany Tour!

Counting down days to my new trip! 

On 21th of April i'm starting my travel around Tuscany. 
Already bought tickets to Bergamo (old town close to Milan), booked hotels and a car. 
Now i'm thinking what kind of pictures i will make there. 
Photos full of sun that's for sure, 
and yellow like these photos made in Tuscany from

1. Tuscany Castle Land by Foto Iervolino. 
2. I am back at flickr and in Tuscany by Giuseppe Toscano
3. Untitled by Zitona - isn't this girl lovely? Can't wait to eat whole plate of original italian pasta!
4. I will be also on the coast near Portofino, like here - summertime by Aurora D.
5. Hope to see at least one that incredible sunrise like - Tuscany mist by Michal Vitásek

Soon i will write more about my preparations
 to this exciting trip! 
If someone here have any advices about travel to North Italy 
please, feel free and write in comments!

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