Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ostatni zimowy spacer

Ostatni dzień astrologicznej zimy, 
naturalna natura i nienaturalne miny.

 zoom to see marzanna
Na fotografii: Ostatnia droga marzanny. 
Komentarz: Jakie miasto taka wiosna.


l.laranjo said...

Did you use a film to take these photos?

Agata Melnyk said...

i wish. i don't even have analog camera now :( i try to make pictures with digital one that looks like film photos.

l.laranjo said...

They really look analog. Did you add any special post-production effect? Maybe you're pushing up the ISO.

Agata Melnyk said...

i have very fair lances, i use 1.4 brightness and then i of course use little of photoshop, i change a little contrast and brightness. But i think this lances ( i use manual focus) and manual exposition makes them so "analog" :) I'm soooo glad that they look like analog for you :)Maybe analog camera is to expensieve for me now, but who said i can't have almost analog pohotos! :D

l.laranjo said...

Yep, you can :)

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